Page three of the Art Gallery Portfolio: A Great Watercolor Event!

-- Welcome to the memory of our watercolor show --
Featuring the work of Glenda Myers and Patricia Rohovit

"The opening was great, and we sold a number of paintings!"

-- The Watercolor Work of Patricia Rohovit --

Patricia Rohovit

(More about Patricia and her work)

Road to the Stars

"Road to the Stars"

Bit of Paradise

"Bit of Paradise"
Fall in the Dogwoods

"Fall in the Dogwoods"

Through the Window

"Through the Window"

Flower Man II

"Flower Man II"
Night and Day

"Night and Day"

Dive Right In

"Dive Right In"
Heart of a Flower

"Heart of a Flower"

City by the Bay

"City by the Bay"

Glenda Myers


Glenda and Bill Meyers

Glenda and Bill Meyers

The Watercolor Creations of Glenda Myers --- "Glenda is thrilled with the reception!"

"We are too."


In the Hills

"In the Hills"

A Wind and a Fog

"A Wind and a Fog"

Iris Shadows

"Iris Shadows"






Sierra Autumn

"Sierra Autumn"


Gordon MacKenzie's Flowers

"Gordon MacKenzie's Flowers"

Pelicans Flying

Poppy Practice

"Poppy Practice"




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