-- An older piece can be bought back to life --

Summer Wind Stained Glass is one of a very few full service studio and retail shops in the Delta area and in the Central Valley

click to see finished window

click to see finished window

One of the specialties of Summer Wind Stained Glass is the repair of older pieces, large and small, which can be returned to their original beauty as well as improved in their durability.

We added the clear glass that now creates a rectangular background for the central design in colored glass. Then we added a border of beveled and colored glasses to this handsome window. This version doesn't show the iridescence of the dark blue pieces in the center. Street decorations for the Isleton Asian Celebration can be seen through some of the lower pieces of clear glass.
Here is the same piece installed in an outside door and is viewed from the outside, entirely with reflected light showing the reflected scene behind the camera.

The picture above shows how it looks viewed with transmitted light.

lamp shade

These are the "before" of "before and after"
showing the repair of this lamp shade
...stay tuned for the results.