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This is the second page to show you exciting new stained glass
progress for the Kaiser Permanente Meditation Room
in the Sacramento area. This page will be called
"A Bridge to Healing...Progress" and
will show windows that depict a transition from rough water and
stormy skies culminating in peaceful scenes of wildlife, farms, and wetlands.


-- Summer Wind Home--

This is recent progress showing Ross
building the main window over
the underlying paper design


Here is the first of four
panels being created by Karen.

-- Summer Wind Home--

On going work in the lower left corner of Ross' window for Kaiserprogress

progressWork on the lower right
of the large Kaiser window


more on the left
progress among birds on the lower left

the background fills on the right
the background is filled in on the right

center view a picture of calm energy

-- Summer Wind Home--

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