-- Glass, glass --
and more glass --

Larger glass, smaller glass, glass by Spectrum, Bulls Eye, Kokomo, Armstrong, Youghiogheny, Lamberts, Uroboros, Wissmach and GNA. Summer Wind Stained Glass has a large collection of glass for the hobbyist and professional alike, together with expert consultation about the best glass to express your design. We have a good selection of tools and supplies on hand, and are always ready to order what you need if it isn't in stock.

click for larger sunface

looking for glass Pam, a former student,
searches for the perfect
piece of glass for her
next project.
Karen demonstrates
for John how to paste
pieces of a pattern onto
a piece of glass prior
to scoring and cutting.

Ross talks about the impact of stained glass itself
on his creative life:

"I quickly became involved in the beauty and thrill of stained glass. Uroboros, Bulls Eye, Youghiogheny, Lamberts...they all took my eye through mountains, tunnels, and space that today never seem to stop. All seem to suggest form, and it became urgent to allow their creativity. Six years later, people tell me I am a stained glass artist! What ever is seen in my work includes the process of making the creations the glass calls for!"

Ed and Danelle study different
glass textures for a commission

planning glass

Susan showing Karen an original design she created
for a window in her home.
They are deciding the best glasses to accomplish this project.

Fred Turner, stained glass educator

A most welcome visitor, Fred Turner teaches stained glass to Adult Education students in Pittsburg, California. He stopped by to talk shop and purchase supplies. At Summer Wind his students get the same discounts on supplies as our students.

The Pittsburg Adult Education web-site is:

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